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Lynn Anoush Isnar


" was Lynn Isnar who really got a chance to shine.  Her voice is really beautiful right now with an easy, smooth upper register that seems to hit the most stratospheric of notes without evidence of strain."

              - John Gilks, operaramblings 

"Lynn Isnar was an audience favorite in the multiple roles of Lydia – Veronica – Iris (depending on the year for the scene), singing the show’s big hit song “We’ll Gather Lilacs”.  Isnar’s voice was especially brilliant on top, used to great effect." 

             - Leslie Barcza, Barczablog


"Lynn Isnar, who gets all the best tunes, was her usual vocally secure self and looked the part as the quintessentially English Lydia/Veronica/Iris."

              - John Gilks, operaramblings 

"Lynn Isnar was a saucy Adele, with terrific stratospheric high notes... and she acted up a storm."

               - Joseph So, Opera Canada

"...Lynn Isnar gave us a sneak peek of her role debut as Adele by performing “Mein Herr Marquis” better known as the laughing song. Having seen Isnar perform in Toronto Operetta Theatre’s production of The Widow, I was happy to see her perform another piece in which she could show off her bubbly stage presence, coloratura, and impressive upper range. Her distinctive oral resonance in addition to her musicality make her intriguing to listen to..."

              - Matthew Timmerman, Ludwig Van Toronto

"No surprise that the best singing came from the most experienced singers. Once again Jonelle Sills with...while Lynn Isnar sparkled in Mein Herr Marquis from Die Fledermaus. Unsurprisingly these two will take Rosalinde and Adele in the upcoming production of Fledermaus."

                 - John Gilks, operaramblings

"Equally, if not more exciting was the debut of local, young talent. Garnering the greatest acclaim was Armenian-Canadian soprano Lynn Anoush Isnar as the charming Nanine. ...she managed to steal the show when she sang. This was nowhere more apparent than at the beginning of Act II, which Isnar opened with the aria “Smiling Hope” where she completely floored the audience with the dark beauty, and bloom of her supple voice. She topped the aria off with an octave leap, starting with a carefully controlled piano, which grew into an opulent forte."

                 - Matthew Timmerman, Opera Canada

"The vocal star was Lynn Isnar as Nanine.  It’s classic operetta soubrette territory and her bright tone, easy top and controlled coloratura were just right.  She has a nice sense of timing too.  Her aria which opened the second act was the vocal highlight of the afternoon."

              - John Gilks, Opera Ramblings


"The Marchesa, which is the Elettra/Vitellia role requiring both batsh*t insane coloratura and the ability to throw a world class hissy fit went to Lynn Isnar. She was terrific throughout but especially in the “Furies” aria where she tossed off firecracker coloratura while wreaking havoc on a bouquet of flowers. Looks good in beachwear too."

                - John Gilks, Opera Ramblings

"Soprano Lynn Isnar (Marchesa) met the challenge of having to sing three arias, including a vengeance aria with some impossible coloratura."

                - Joesph So, Musical Toronto

"What a great GGS Vocal Showcase! Lynn Isnar’s singing is described as a "standout soprano... suitably dramatic with a nice combination of power and accuracy."

                    - John Gilks, Opera Ramblings


Click here to read about Ms. Isnar's Interview with the TorontoHye Armenian Newspaper (conducted in Armenian). Ms. Isnar had the pleasure to be interviewed by Diroug Margarian as the newspaper's Featured Artist published on July 27, 2020. 

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