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We are the sum of our experiences; therefore, an education that focuses on change, variety and individual experimentation makes for open-minded, well-rounded students.

Lynn wants to engage students in learning music through such methods that blend instruction with student autonomy. Students of all ages welcome - it is never too late to start! 


"It is with great pleasure that we recommend Lynn Anoush Isnar as a piano teacher. My daughter, Jessica, 9 years of age, has thoroughly enjoyed her weekly piano lessons since October of 2015. We have seen a great improvement in Jessica’s piano playing ever since Lynn took over her musical education. Lynn has a gift for teaching through her friendliness, patience and her natural ability to guide her student. We cannot be more pleased that Lynn was able to rekindle Jessica’s love of piano." - K. P. 

"As an adult beginner taking singing lessons, I am very happy with the progress I'm making with Lynn! Not only is she showing me how to sing, she is also giving me a voice in my day-to-day life. I couldn't recommend her more! Thank you so much!" - D.P.